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In May 2014, the Brussels Government created the function of School Facilitator.


    The mission of the School Facilitator is to support the significant need for new school places, both primary and secondary. It analyses the supply of and demand for school places (monitoring) and plans and facilitates the realisation of projects for school facilities.

    In 2016, the Brussels Education Programme (Strategy 2025) expanded its missions. This saw the creation of the School Service.

    The team follows all school-related dossiers where action by the Brussels Region could be useful: improving the quality of infrastructure, the "School Contract" (integration of the school in the neighbourhood), coordination and the Centre of Expertise for the fight against school drop-out.

    The School Service is operational within

    The School Service currently has 5 main priorities:

    1.  support for projects which help expand the education offering;
    2.  the follow-up by the Monitoring service of supply and demand in schools;
    3.  the quality of school infrastructure and equipment;
    4.  the School Contract;
    5.  the fight against school drop-out.

    The School Service is assisted by a "School" Expertise Committee in carrying out its missions.

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