Our partners

Perspective collaborates with all actors involved in spatial planning as well as in the statistical and socio-economic analysis of the Brussels Region.

    Meeting - Regional committee for Development (CRD-GOC)
    Meeting - Regional committee for Development (CRD-GOC)
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    Perspective systematically adopts a partnership approach, linking its missions to those of its partners and working in collaboration with all the players involved in the development of the region. These collaborations are structured in particular by the territorial platform and by the regional committee for territorial development.

    Territorial plateform

    The territorial platform is an informal body that brings together Perspective, Urban, the SAU and Citydev. This platform enables exchanges between the various institutions on their respective missions and provides a forum for strengthening their links. It also leads to concrete collaborative actions.

    Regional Committee for Territorial Development 

    The Regional Committee for Territorial Development issues a non-binding reasoned opinion on regional planning projects that have an impact on the development of the Brussels-Capital Region and a significant impact on the performance of the missions of at least one of the members. It may make observations or suggestions to the Brussels Government regarding the implementation or adaptation of these plans.

    Other partners

    To carry out its missions efficiently, Perspective collaborates with all the actors of the Brussels Region: the regional institutions (such as the members of the CRDT, actiris.brussels, Brussels Economy and Employment, etc.), the Municipalities, the Communities, the Federal level (NBB, Federal Planning Bureau, IIS, etc.), the European Commission, the statistical institutions of the two other Regions (Iweps, VSA), the academics, members of the civil society and citizens' representatives.