Secretariat of the Regional Development Commission (CRD)

The Strategy Directorate acts as permanent secretariat for the Regional Development Commission (CRD).

    Meeting - Regional committee for Development (CRD-GOC)
    Meeting - Regional committee for Development (CRD-GOC)

    This Commission has a consultative role. It provides opinions to the Regional government on draft ordinances, draft decrees, the Regional Development Plan (PRD), the Regional Land Use Plan (PRAS), the Regional Town Planning Regulations (RRU), the Municipal Development Plans (PCD), and the Specific Land Use Plans (PPAS) when these contain provisions that derogate from the PRAS.

    It may also formulate observations or suggestions for the execution or adaptation of plans and regulations. Similarly, the Government may submit to the Regional Commission any matter relating to the Region's development.

    The Commission is governed by the Brussels Spatial Planning Code (CoBAT - art 7 and 8), as well as the Decree of the 4th July 2019 on the CRD.

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