Cities' joint declaration for the Belgian presidency of the EU

Perspective organises a second European meeting in preparation for the Belgian presidency of the EU

Posted on 27 October 2023





From october 9 to 13, the European Week of Regions and Cities was held in Brussels. This annual event enables city representatives, urban and regional experts and major urban networks to discuss future urban and regional priorities.
On this occasion, and as part of the preparations for the Belgian presidency of the EU, Perspective organised a meeting in its "Lab" space on the future of urban policy 2024–2029.

A co-creation event for a cities' joint declaration

After an initial meeting in June 2023, Perspective once again brought together representatives of European cities to discuss priorities for the future of urban policy. By setting up this consultation process throughout the preparations for this presidency, Perspective is ensuring that during its term of office it conveys a message that reflects a vision shared by the majority of European cities.

In all, some thirty participants met on 10/10 to discuss 4 major issues for the future of urban policy:

  1. How to better involve cities in the EU governance?
  2.  How to foster the urban and metropolitan dimension of European policies?
  3.  How to better finance and implement the just & green transition in cities?
  4. Shifting paradigm, going beyond growth: what model and indicators for future-proofed cities?

Each question was addressed around a table moderated by a member of Perspective's presidency coordination team.

The results of these discussions will feed into a joint declaration by the cities that will be signed at an event bringing together mayors of major cities in January 2024, at the very start of the Belgian presidency.
This declaration will recall the importance of large cities as partners of the European institutions and the driving forces of Europe, and will advocate for a strong urban and metropolitan aspect in the upcoming mandates of the Parliament and the Commission.

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