Join us for the Next Generation podium for Eurodelta 2023!

Symposium and workshop from 20th to 22nd of march and 11 and 12th of may


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Posted on 27 February 2023


Next Generation Podium for Eurodelta 2023
Next Generation Podium for Eurodelta 2023
On march 22nd, will host one of the sessions of the Next Generation Podium, a 5 days program that aims to bring out fresh perspectives from the young generation and create dialogues between experts, practice and academia.
There will also be an open office, allowing participants to meet with our team.

The Next Generation podium was initiated in 2020 by the SURE Network with the goal to include young minds in the vision on the Eurodelta development, while creating a knowledge platform to exchange solutions and initiatives in an around the megaregion.

What is Eurodelta and SURE network?

The Strategic Urban Region Eurodelta (SURE) Network is a collaboration between cities and metropolitan areas within the river delta of the Rhine, the Scheldt and the Meuse. This roughly includes the area between Amsterdam-Lille-Cologne. The SURE Network provides a platform for the exchange of knowledge, expertise and experience among practitioners in the field of economics, sustainability, and spatial planning. is member of SURE network since the beginning and participates in common activities and projects, such as the Next Generation Podium.

What is the Program of Next Generation Podium 2023?

The symposium includes three lunch forums to provide participants with information, ideas and projects, followed by two online workshops to develop concrete projects.
It gathers student and young professional from Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands.
The program includes a lot of interactive get togethers to learn from different offices and cities, as well as an intensive workshop hosted online in interdisciplinary working groups between many universities and research institutes.

This year, the symposium will focus on 3 topics:

Circular economy (Circular Delta)

Accessibility (Accessible Delta)

Water (Fluid Delta)

To give participants an opportunity to interact and get in touch with real life projects, each lecture will be hosted by one of the organizer and followed by an open office so that they will you have a chance to tour the workspace and interact with the practitioners.
For the 3rd session “Fluid Delta” about water, is glad to invite you to assist to the lecture at its premises and to discover his missions as regional planning agency.

Detailed program: 

20th of March: Circular Delta - Lunch Forum - Online or in The Netherlands (Tbd)
21st of March: Accessible Delta - Lunch Forum - Online or in Germany (Tbd)
22nd of March: Fluid Delta - Lunch forum - Online or at
11th and 12th of May: Workshops- Online

Who can participate?

The Next Generation Podium is open to students and young professionals (having 0 to 5 years’ experience) in a range of fields related to architecture and design, spatial planning, geography, economics and sustainability.

Information and registration here