Launch of two new Urban Agenda partnerships: "Food" and "Cities of equality"

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Call for interest

Posted on 26 July 2023


The European Union (EU) is launching two calls for expressions of interest to participate in two new partnerships of the Urban Agenda for the EU: "Food " and "Cities of equality". These calls are primarily intended for European urban authorities. National or regional authorities, networks of cities or universities and research centres can also participate.

What is the Urban Agenda for the EU?

The Urban Agenda for the EU is an initiative launched in 2016 by the European Commission, Member States and cities to address urban development challenges. It is based on the Pact of Amsterdam adopted on 30 May 2016 by the European ministers responsible for urban affairs. It allows cities to directly influence the European decision-making process by working directly with the European institutions and Member States on specific issues.

What is an Urban Agenda partnership?

Partnerships are created on specific themes and bring together cities, the European Commission, Member States, European organisations and associations. They are coordinated by a city or a Member State for a period of three years. The partnerships analyse the challenges and difficulties in a specific area with a view to recommending concrete actions to be taken at EU and Member State level.

The three objectives of these partnerships are:

  • to improve regulations to take greater account of the needs of cities in European policies;
  • to promote exchanges between urban authorities, Member States and the European Commission;
  • to facilitate access to European funds for European cities of all sizes.

Since 2016, 16 partnerships have been created on various themes such as housing, energy transition and sustainable land use. The Brussels-Capital Region has already been involved in two partnerships, on urban poverty and safety in public spaces and is currently involved in two other partnerships: Greening Cities and Sustainable Tourism.

Priorities of the two new partnerships

The two new partnerships, the subject of this call, should focus on the following priorities:

  • the food partnership will aim at addressing themes like agroecology, food justice, access to land, and public land management, with the objective of contributing to developing more sustainable and equitable food systems. It should emphasize the importance of localising food systems, incorporating externalities in food prices, and promoting public procurement of local and organic foods. By advocating for policy alignment and resource pooling, the partnership can drive systemic transformation within the EU and contribute to broader objectives such as the European Green Deal and the UN Sustainable Development Goals;
  • the partnership “Cities of equality” will focus on specific issues related to equality in cities: considering the diverse needs of all individuals and social groups, plan for and provide equal opportunities for all, regardless of age, disability, gender, sexual orientation (LGBTIQ), religion and belief, race and ethnic origin (incl. country of origin), or socio-economic status – leaving no one behind.

Benefits of participating in an Urban Agenda partnership:

  • increasing visibility at the European level
  • influencing the content of a specific policy
  • exchanging knowledge with stakeholders from all over Europe
  • developing a European network
  • direct access to European institutions and Member States

How to participate?

Apply to become partner or coordinator before the 29 September 2023 for the newly launched partnerships of the Urban Agenda for the EU: All documents to apply and understand the call are available on this site.

Brussels organisations interested in these two calls can contact Sandrine De Meyer: