Rethinking public space! Comparative study of five international metropoles

A Metropolis study, "Rethinking Public Space"


Posted on 23 March 2022


Metropolis « Rethinking public space for a sustainable metropolitan future »
Metropolis « Rethinking public space for a sustainable metropolitan future »
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The Metropolis comparative study "Rethinking public space for a sustainable metropolitan future" has been completed. This international project by the Brussels-Capital Region is the result of an exchange with Barcelona, Medellín, Montreal and Seoul regarding experiences in public spaces, coordinated by with and Brussels International.

The aim of the project was to analyse the future of public space in the metropolis and the way in which integrated and cross-cutting policies can lead to more qualitative, inclusive, resilient and sustainable public spaces.

The fruit of this collaborative work between metropolises around the world (Brussels, Seoul, Montreal, Medellín and Barcelona) is a report that includes the projects of the School Contract, more specifically that of the Klavertje Vier school in Schaerbeek and the project of former railway line L28 near Tour & Taxis. 

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As a reminder, the Metropolis network enables major cities and metropolitan areas to connect and share experiences so as to provide a better response to local and global challenges and act as a lever to promote urban and metropolitan issues at a global level.

In April, Metropolis will launch a platform on public spaces that contains this study, interviews and a broader study incorporating best practices that include the Brussels projects. More information will be available on the Metropolis website

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