Urban Density: Everyday Density webinars



Posted on 5 February 2021


On 26 January, the second episode of our webinar series concerning urban density was held. This series is part of a season of reflection and production which perspective.brussels is devoting to the definition of a density which can be combined with the quality of life.

The guest on this webinar was David Sim, Creative Director of the Danish urban planning agency Gehl, a pioneer in designing public living spaces which place people at the heart of their design. He shared his vision of an everyday density which maximises social interaction. 150 listeners were present live.

David Sim

In particular David Sim outlined four perspectives for the emergence of a density which allows for living well and is conducive to "living together":

  1. Density must be mixed with a diversity of functions in order to generate proximity and exchange;
  2. Spaces should be designed as an invitation to interact with other "neighbourhood oriented transits";
  3. The circle of stakeholders should be extended to the design and implementation of urban spaces;
  4. Density should be applied to promote an urbanism which generates its own climate for increased uses over time.