Urban Density: Healthy City Webinars



Posted on 25 January 2021


© Agence Gehl

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In order to continue the year-long theme about density and in the current health context, perspective.brussels is organising monthly webinars. Next event: Everyday Density, Tuesday 26 January at 5pm, by David Sim.

One Tuesday every month for 6 months, Perspective will be inviting an international practitioner or researcher to talk about their vision of density. Density and health, density of uses, density and public spaces, natural density, ... these conferences will be an opportunity to understand density from all its facets and will help everyone to form a more panoramic vision of the concept.

A healthy city

On 15 December 2020, the first episode of our webinar series about the concept of qualitative density was held.

Jens Aerts, BUUR (Copyright Bernard van Leer Foundation)

Jens Aerts shared with more than 100 listeners his vision of a healthy city which reinterprets the link between density and health. Watch this webinar in its entirety

In order to build a healthier city, Jens Aerts invites us to explore 4 courses of action:

  1. Integrate new parameters in the planning and urban project: data regarding the state of health, care actors, scientific research;
  2. Promote more inclusive design processes, especially with young people;
  3. Pay extreme attention to the programming of outdoor spaces;
  4. Engage in a dialogue between territories on a wider scale.